Village of Heldren


Like in most peasant communities in southern Taldor, the People of Heldren mostly keep to themselves. Far from the politics of Oppara and ever-watchful for Qadiran aggression, Heldren
goes on as it always has, as a relatively small and unimportant hamlet of farmers, herders, and woodcutters. But Heldren is home to a secret unsuspected by its normally complacent citizens: a mystical ley line connects their village with another far to the north. Could the recent appearance of unseasonable winter weather in the nearby Border Wood be a harbinger of worse things to come?


The following individuals stand out amongst the village’s population.

Argus Goldtooth
Alexius Demetri and Lycio Vallant
Isker and Xanthippe Euphram
Ionnia Teppen
Menander and Kale Garimos
Natharen and Zaarida Safander
Orillus Davigen
Old Mother Theodora
Perkin Tarimm
Sophia Imirras
Tessaraea Willowbark
Tengezil Frimbocket
Vivialla Steranus

Village of Heldren

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