Gred Ironfound

Dwarf Fighter


Gred is a young dwarf fighters. Underneath the tangle of his long red hair and beard he has the smooth face of a young dwarf, not yet scarred from too much fighting and drinking.


Gred is a young dwarf that has finished his clans conscription with their tunnel fighters and decided to take his knowledge of dungeon fighting onto the surface. His thinking is that the tactics that he picked up in the depths will be applicable to the surface and he also hopes to bring back his experiences topside down below when he re-ups his tunnel fighting career.

What makes this situation unique is that Gred could have easily payed out of his commission as he is the son of a wealthy mercantile family, but for some reason he not only signed up, he signed up early and refused the offer of advancement to an officer until he worked his way up from the bottom. He was discharged, with full honors after his first tour of tunnel duty.

Gred Ironfound

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